🔺Delta Legacy Lapel Pin
🔺Delta Legacy Lapel Pin
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🔺Delta Legacy Lapel Pin

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The Delta Legacy lapel pin features a stunning design that measures a total of 2 inches in length. At the top of the pin, there is a prominent 1.5-inch red rhinestone pyramid, which adds a touch of vibrant color and sparkle to the design. The rhinestone pyramid serves as a focal point and draws attention to the pin.

At the bottom of the pin, there is a charming .5-inch “LEGACY” made of pearls. The pearls bring a delicate and sophisticated element to the design, creating a beautiful contrast with the vibrant rhinestone pyramid.

The hardware of the lapel pin is silver, giving it a sleek and polished appearance. The silver hardware complements the overall design and adds a touch of elegance to the pin. Additionally, there is a clasp on the back of the pin, allowing for easy attachment to the clothing of your choice.

Overall, the Delta Legacy lapel pin is a stunning accessory that combines the beauty of pearls and rhinestones. Its eye-catching design and high-quality materials make it a perfect choice for showcasing your membership as a Delta Legacy.