Number wooden Pin
Number wooden Pin
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Number wooden Pin

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Introducing our custom number wooden lapel pin, designed exclusively for the distinguished sisters of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. This exquisite 2-inch pin is meticulously crafted to represent your unique line number while paying homage to the illustrious heritage of our sorority.

Each pin is expertly painted in a regal shade of red, symbolizing the passion, strength, and resolute determination of our sisterhood. The custom number, prominently displayed in the center, serves as a proud emblem of your individual journey within our esteemed organization.

What sets this pin apart is the incorporation of the Greek letters ΔΣΘ, skillfully engraved at the base of the number. This subtle yet significant detail embodies the timeless traditions and rich legacy of Delta Sigma Theta, honoring the values and principles that have united us for generations.

Designed with versatility in mind, this lapel pin is equipped with secure pin attachments, allowing you to proudly showcase it on the jacket of your choice. Whether worn at formal events, meetings, or everyday occasions, this pin serves as a distinguished symbol of your commitment to excellence and sisterhood.

Embrace the opportunity to embody the spirit of Delta Sigma Theta with our custom number wooden lapel pin, a timeless testament to the bond that unites us as sisters.